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THE GREEN DEAL is it for you?


Written by Chris Beaumont of Wall2Wall Surveying


Qualified DEA Storma member Ref: STRO008288


Qualified GDA GDAO member Ref: BREA00001


As a qualified green deal advisor I  have been watching closely to see how the green deal initiative develops.

We all know the green deal has been beset with teething problems.


Over the last year or so on behalf of Wall2Wall Surveying I have conducted over 50 green deal occupancy assessments on all kinds of property. This direct customer feedback has enabled us to consider and evaluate, the consumers appetite and reaction to the green deal.


This is the basics of what we have found out: Most of our customers are willing to pay a contribution towards the cost of a quality wall insulation system, just because it may be subsidised they do not want an insulated system that could potentially damage the house and result in damp, unhealthy living conditions. Most do not like the idea of having a long payback charge via the electricity bill. Most people think the green deal interest rate (about 6.9%) is too high. Most people think the charge on the electricity bill may put people off buying if the house was put up for sale. Most customers find it all too complicated and would sooner borrow the money elsewhere possibly cheaper We have found that most customers are more than  willing to accept the cash grant towards the cost from the energy companies obligation, who wouldn't want a few thousand pounds towards the cost of a quality internal, external wall insulation system? It has also been encouraging for us to still find that not all people are willing to have a generic wall insulation system on their home, even if it may be financed or part funded, they agree with us in that what is the point of getting money towards the cost of possibly ruining your home?

Before you embark on insulating your home we recommend you proceed with caution

There is no doubt that wrapping some of our solid wall or system built houses will be good for the house occupants, both in terms of comfort and financially. A well designed expertly installed insulation system can save around £600 in annual energy bills, (Average 3 bed semi) As energy prices continue to soar every year it makes sense to make your home as energy efficient as possible, whilst doing your bit for the environment


Many firms such as solar PV and cavity wall businesses are diversifying into the specialist field of external wall insulation Wall2Wall have been specifying & installing insulated renders for over 28 years. Solid wall insulation requires a high level of expertise. Factors like rising damp, current wall material, condensation risk, thermal bridging, expansion detail etc all have to be taken into account when specifying a high quality solid wall insulation, its the finer details that make a difference.
Wall2Wall make sure you get the right system and workmanship
Cracks in any render are serious, cracks in insulated render are very serious we make sure all renders & cladding finishes are anti-crack. The finer detail is very important we see many jobs with the following flaws: gaps especially on windows frames, no expansion joint detail finishing trays allowing water ingress, incorrect fixings of boards, bridging of DPM, use of the renders as cappings, (EWI renders are vertical facade systems not to be used horizontally) .
In addition to coloured or polymer renders, exterior wall insulation material can also be faced with brick cladding, real stone cladding or silicone render. Our External wall insulation systems can be carried out on most buildings, we also specialise in wood wool breathable lime solid wall insulation for historic buildings. in addition to wall surveys and specifications we can carry out green deal surveys with our own accredited GDA surveyors in all of the Yorkshires area. We also conduct surveys in Hull, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Derby
Our expert services can reduce the chances and expense of things going wrong with incorrect specifications and workmanship, especially common with insulated renders.
Make sure you employ an expert in the surveying of your home the correct workmanship and materials are vital to a good quality job.


We offer professional wall and damp surveys throughout the UK (subject to a pre agreed survey fee). Our wall and damp surveying service covers mainly Leeds, Manchester, Hull, Sheffield, York, Harrogate, Newcastle, Darlington, Chester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester,  & London. 
Email us with some brief details of your requirements. ECO and EWI surveys are charged at £195.00  for Yorkshire area.

After our survey you will receive a written report on the condition of the building, problem areas such as damp, will be identified and covered within the report.

For Natural Hydraulic Lime renders (NHL) we can specify the correct strength of lime, the correct sand, (sand type is very important & often overlooked) the correct ratios.

We can specify the all important preparatory work with each process through to the final finish all this is tailor made to ensure compatibility for your house, the report and quotation is yours to keep and use, we even supply product information for each material or component used.

It would be impossible to have just one type of coating or render formulation and system that will offer protection and breathe-ability for all the diverse types and ages of property that we have here in the UK.

We recommend the best coating or render material from a selection of independent specialist manufacturers we would use the right product for your house. Most systems come with a manufacturers backed warranty and are BBA certified.


Older properties with solid wall (double brick or stone walls) should not be treated with thick textured coatings they can lead to other problems and usually exacerbate the problem of damp.

In order to allow house to breathe again that may have been incorrectly coated we also offer advice on how to remove textured coatings & concrete stone cladding from houses please see our links section www.texturedcoatingremoval.co.uk & www.back2brick.co.uk

Did you know in most cases you need building regulation approval for rendering or cladding the exterior of your home?

We guide you through the complex part L1b building regulations regarding rendering of both new and older homes we make sure you comply with the latest government building regulation rules.


Once we conduct our detailed survey you will be given a written quotation and fixed price costing for the work to be carried out

For insulated renders we supply you with a U value predication report, this report ensures you meet current part L1B regulations and also takes into account condensation risks, we can also help with all the required planning and consent. All our accredited contractors have full public liability and comply with health and safety. All work is fully guaranteed with the option of independent insurance backed warranties 


Should you decide to use your own contractor, to make sure you get the same high standards of workmanship that our accredited contractors provide, we can also project manage your work, (subject to pre agreed fees).

Our services are available for both private home owners and commercial clients.



  • Inner London Norfolk Scotland and other areas POA
  • Thermal camera surveys POA
  • Small claims court and expert reports POA
  • Green deal surveys charged at £95.00 in addition to the fees listed above
  • Damp surveys POA

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